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Monastery of the Most Blessed Sacrament

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Relic and Agnus Dei Sacramental
Badges - and Chaplets available
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Seven Sorrows of the BVM CHAPLET
Precious Blood of Jesus CHAPLET
The Five Holy Wounds of Jesus CHAPLET
St. Benedict CHAPLET (Feast Day: March 21)
St. Joseph CHAPLET (Feast Day: March 19)

Relic Badges for the month of
February are SAINT BLAISE -

Relic Badges for the HOLY SEASON of LENT

Back in stock but very limited inventory are the ORIGINAL St. Michael Blessed Stones imported from the Grotto in Italy where
St. Michael the Archangel appeared four times, the last time in the year 1656.
Limit two (2) per request, please.
Available under "New Items".

Adoremus In Aeternum Sanctissimum Sacramentum

Eucharistic Adoration

February 11 - 19

Remembering all those who are sick
and suffering.
Relic Badge of
St. Bernadette - with prayer leaflet - blessed linen touched to the
Relic of St. Bernadette - is listed under "New Items".

FEBRUARY 3 is the Feast Day of Saint Blaise. Saint Blaise is the patron saint against throat diseases, eczema, respiratory diseases, headaches, skin diseases, bladder diseases, angina, dermatitis, coughs, fever, sore throats, and others.

Relic Badge of St. Blaise - with prayer leaflet - blessed linen touched to the Relic of Saint Blaise - is listed under "New Items".
in all the
Holy Masses, Prayers, Sacrifices,
and Devotions which will
be offered during the
Holy Season of Lent,
February 22 -
April 8, 2023.
To enroll, please go to the Novena page. Enroll yourself, your loved ones, and your friends so all may be remembered and share in the infinite treasure of the great graces of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - and spiritually benefit from the daily prayers, sacrifices,
and devotions which will also
be offered during this
Holy Season of Lent.
Cloistered Sisters - Lives of Prayer and Work

Living a traditional way of religious life - a vowed life dedicated to God through prayer and work. Intercessory prayer, prayers of reparation, and a deep devotion to the Most Blessed Sacrament are the primary “work”. Although not strictly cloistered (hidden), we observe a certain amount of enclosure (cloister) to help protect the contemplative aspect of our life. Our vowed life is also semi-contemplative. We have a deep devotion to Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament - making a Holy Hour each day and night, making intercession for your needs, and presenting your petitions to our Eucharistic King, trusting that nothing is impossible for God - and knowing that prayer knows no distance. The Rosary is prayed each day to our Heavenly Mother to whom we have a deep devotion. In addition to prayer and study, we labor quietly within our small monastery each day to help with our support. Because the monastery is small, there is no gift shop (all religious items are obtainable via the online website “gift shop”. There is no public side to the Chapel - the Chapel which is also very small - and which is located within the enclosure - is only for Sisters.
The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass celebrated in the Cloister Chapel is the Mass of Pope St. Pius V. We pray the Office, and keep the monastic tradition of rising during the night for prayer. Although not formally associated with the Franciscan Order, we embrace Franciscan spirituality - with the Rule of St. Francis and our Holy Constitutions guiding our lives. We work each day (Monday - Saturday) to provide, as age and health now permit, as much of our daily needs as possible — trusting in Divine Providence to supply whatever else is needed for the month. Household chores are also part of the daily routine.
The time not given to work due to age and age-related health issues, is devoted to additional prayer each day for you, your family, and for anyone who requests prayers (intercessory prayer). We also pray each day for those who are sick and suffering, for peace in the world, for the sanctification of all priests and their labors, and for saintly vocations to the Priesthood and fervent vocations to the religious life, and for the restoration of Holy Mother Church. Life continues each day for God, for the Church, and for the salvation of souls.
Prayers are also prayed each day for all pets and companion animals - especially for those who are sick, and for those who are elderly. Prayers for their safety and protection, and for a return to good health if they are ill.
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