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Give the Priceless Gift of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - there is no greater gift you can give.

"A single Mass offered for oneself during life may be worth more than a thousand celebrated for the same intention after death." ~ St. Anselm - Doctor of the Church

OWN SOUL by St. Leonard of Port Maurice

"... get celebrated all the Masses possible in your circumstances not only for the souls departed, but for your own. Do this for two motives: first to obtain a good and holy death - it being the invariable opinion of theologians that there is no more efficacious means for attaining so holy a purpose. Another motive is that you may yourself issue quickly from Purgatory and fly away into eternal glory, there being no means more adapted for obtaining from God a grace so precious as that of going direct to Heaven, or at least a short detention on the way, than indulgences duly gained, and the Holy Sacrifice."

A traditional Catholic missionary priest is able to accept individual Mass requests. Father only offers the Holy Mass of Pope St. Pius V.

The requested Mass stipend (offering) for an individual Mass request (one name or one intention) is $12.00. This is the customary offering (stipend) for a Holy Mass. This offering helps with the expense of the wine and candles for the Mass being offered for you or your intention, and also helps with the support of the missionary priest who receives no salary.

At this time, requests for certain dates cannot be accepted. You may request a Mass be offered for: the repose of the soul of a deceased loved one; for a person who is sick and suffering; for someone who is celebrating a birthday or an anniversary; in thanksgiving to Almighty God for a favor received; a special need, or for yourself.

Please provide the name(s) of those person(s) for whom you wish to have the Holy Mass(es) offered. You will receive notification of the month in which the Holy Mass(es) will be offered. Thank you, and God bless you!

In the box below, please provide the name of the person (please specify "living" or "deceased") for each Mass you are requesting, or the intention or prayer request for each Holy Mass.

Please note that these are individual Mass requests (one person or one intention), and not collective Mass requests (the remembrance at each Mass of several persons or several intentions) as in a Mass Guild where all those enrolled (living and deceased) are remembered. As the merits of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass are infinite, many names or intentions can be included in a collective Mass remembrance.

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