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A remembrance in the monthly Mass offered for all members - living and deceased - for a period of twelve (12) consecutive months.

"A single Mass offered for oneself during life may be worth more than a thousand celebrated for the same intention after death."
~ St. Anselm - Doctor of the Church

The effect of each Mass is not limited by the will of Christ but only by the devotion of those for whom it is offered up. Thus, a single Mass offered up for a hundred persons can be as profitable to each of them as if it were offered up solely for each individual. Like the sacrifice of the Cross, it can thus be profitable for a large number of persons as for a single one of them . . . the sacrifice of Calvary was no less profitable for the good thief than if it had been offered up for him alone . . .
The Mass remits our sins, inasmuch as it obtains for us the grace of repentance. If we do not resist this grace, our sins are forgiven. (Council of Trent, Sess. XXII, chap. 2 (Denz., 940).) . . . Inasmuch as the Mass remits our sins, it follows that it can be offered up even for hardened, impenitent sinners, who would not be permitted to receive Holy Communion. The Holy Sacrifice can obtain for them at least sufficient graces of light and inclination . . . if can be offered up for the conversion of infidels . . . provided it not be offered up for them as members of the Church . . .
The spirit of evil fears nothing so much as a Mass, especially one celebrated with great fervor and in which many souls participate with a spirit of faith. When the enemy of goodness meets some insurmountable obstacle, it is because in some church there was a priest, conscious of his own weakness and poverty, who with faith offered up the very powerful Host and Blood of our Redemption. It is fitting here to mention that there have been Saints who, at the moment of the elevation of the Chalice at Mass, have seen the Precious Blood overflow and trickle down the arms of the priest, whereupon Angels gathered it up in golden cups to carry it to distant places and to the souls in greatest need of participating in the mystery of Redemption.
The Sacrifice of the Mass remits not only our sins, but the punishment due to sins that have already been forgiven. This applies to
both the living and the dead for whom the Sacrifice is offered up. We can go so far as to say that this effect is infallible. However, the punishment is not always remitted in full, but according to the disposition of Providence and the degree of fervor . . . It does not follow that rich men who have left much money for Masses are delivered from Purgatory more quickly than certain poor men who could leave nothing at all, for it may well have been that the latter had smaller debts to Divine justice, had been better Christians . . .
Finally, the Sacrifice of the Mass obtains for us the spiritual and temporal blessings necessary or useful for our salvation . . . it is fitting therefore, as Pope Benedict XV (1854 - 1922) has recommended, to have Masses said in order to obtain the grace of a happy death, for this grace of graces - the one on which our eternal salvation depends.***

by Fr. Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P.
Imprimatur: Joseph E. Ritter, Archbishop, Sti, Ludovici,
die 13 Augusti 1951

OWN SOUL by St. Leonard of Port Maurice

"... get celebrated all the Masses possible
In your circumstances not only for the souls departed, but for your own. Do this for two motives: first to obtain a good and holy death - it being the invariable opinion of theologians that there is no more efficacious means for attaining so holy a purpose. Another motive is that you may yourself issue quickly from Purgatory and fly away into eternal glory, there being no means more adapted for obtaining from God a grace so precious as that of going direct to Heaven, or at least a short detention on the way, than indulgences duly gained, and the Holy Sacrifice."

Introibo ad altare Dei
The Venite Adoremus Mass Guild is a spiritual association, and upon enrollment, you and those you enroll, will (for the enrollment year of 12 consecutive months) from the date of enrollment share in the following -
Each month - for 12 consecutive months - you and your intentions or the person(s) you have enrolled, will be remembered in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass offered for all members of the Guild (living and deceased).
A daily remembrance in all prayers, devotion, and sacrfices;
A special remembrance during every Eucharistic Holy Hour (day and night) in the Cloister Chapel;
Your intentions will be remembered in the on-going Novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Help.

Please check spelling of names before sending. How names are received here in the Monastery is how they will appear on the enrollment cards, if requested. Please see note below regarding enrollment cards. An offering is now requested in order to receive the enrollment cards.

Please provide the name(s) of those you are enrolling in the text box below, or email the name(s) of those you have enrolled and please specify "living" or "deceased" after each name either in the box or in the email. This information is needed for the Enrollment Card(s) - if you choose to request the card(s) - that will be sent to you for those you have enrolled. Please email to:

Requested Offering per Enrollment (ONE (1) person) is $12 per year

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Please specifiy "LIVING" or "DECEASED" for the person(s) you are enrolling.

Mass Guild Enrollment - Per Person
Name of Person

Due to the rising cost of paper, envelopes, ink, and postage - enrollment cards will be sent only to the person requesting the enrollment(s) for the following offerings to help defray the cost of these cards and the additional postage. The above stipends are only for the Holy Masses for the person(s) enrolled.


Mass Guild Enrollment Cards (see below)
are mailed to USA addresses only.

Mass Guild Enrollment Card Offerings

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